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Get Involved

Peer Educators

We are looking for peer educators! If you have a passion for ending violence and want to get involved please email

Coordinated Community Response Team

If you would like to serve in a strategic planning and evaluation capacity, please contact us about serving as part of our CCRT. Student insight is always the best way for us to expand our programming diversity and effectiveness.

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 4/26 - Thursday 4/30: Virtual "What Were You Wearing?" Display. 

    The What Were You Wearing? project provides survivors of sexual assault an opportunity to anonymously share their stories. Often survivors are asked what they were wearing as a way to victim blame and diminish their experience. The question is easy to ask, but, for the survivors, it is difficult to answer because it does not matter. What someone is wearing at the time of their assault has nothing to do with why they were assaulted.

    The only person at fault is the perpetrator. 

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  • Tuesday 4/28: Teal Tuesday. Tag us in your photos: @doanecapeproject

  • Tuesday 4/28 at 6:30pm: Slut Talk (the virtual Slut Walk). We're envisioning a world without sexual assault or victim blaming. Won't you join us? Find details here

  • Wednesday 4/29: Denim Day. Wear your jeans with a purpose: end victim blaming and the perpetuation of rape myths. Tag us in your photos: @doanecapeproject.

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This project is supported by Grant No. 2016-WA-AX-0013 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice. The Opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.