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Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center

Doane professors have high expectations. They want you to be prepared and engaged in class. (College would be easy if grades were based on attendance.
The engaged part is what gives a Doane degree its worth.)

The Academic Success Center helps you meet those expectations and your own. They can help with a specific project such as prepping for a professional school entry exam. Or they can introduce you to the trifecta of academics: study habits, time management and exam preparation skills. Cost: FREE!



  • The Doane Learning Center: a walk-in center for all students wanting to
    raise grades or improve study skills
  • Doane Student Support Services (DSS): a TRIO program funded by the
    U.S. Department of Education that helps eligible students attain academic
    and personal goals.


  • Peer Tutoring
  • Individual Writing Assistance
  • Off-campus sponsored Cultural Events
  • Close Monitoring/Academic Counseling
  • Exam Analysis
  • Preparation for Graduate/Professional School Entry Exams
  • TRIO Leadership Opportunities